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Studies in electrical power systems

Qualified professionals to address your projects.

Círculo Ingeniería has an area of ​​systemic studies composed of qualified professionals to deal with all types of problems that arise in the pre-feasibility stage, basic engineering, detail engineering and project operation processes.


We have a wide area of ​​electrical studies for free clients, as well as distributors, transmitters and generators, which can be carried out in different simulation platforms and technically based on current Chilean and foreign electrical regulations (NTSyCS, NTCO, NCH). In addition, we have the development of studies or technical documents for delivery of information to the CEN or in mining facilities, as well as the development of renewable energy projects, PMGD, etc.

Among some studies, we can mention mainly:

Study of Power Flows

Transient Stability Study

Short Circuit Study, Adjustment and Coordination of Protections

Saturation Study of the TTCC

Bar Capacity Study

Energy Study of Transformers and Transmission Lines

Electric arc study

Study of Stress Unbalance

Permanent Stability

Isolation coordination

TRV study (Transient Recovery Voltage)

Measurement of ground resistivity and design of grounding systems in Substations and Transmission Lines

Study of Adjustments and Coordination of Protections for Mining / Industrial Systems

Study of Harmonic Power Flow and Filter Design

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