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Project engineering and instrumentation

Resolve the needs and problems of modern engineering.


For Circulo Ingeniería it is a challenge to solve the needs and problems of modern engineering, observing the necessary aspects for the correct development, execution and assembly of the electrical projects of our clients. We certify our projects before the SEC through documents TE1, TE2 and TE4.


Through our technical unit, Circulo Ingeniería offers consulting services for electrical installations and project development at the level of conceptual, basic and detail engineering, specialized in power electrical systems, power substations, measurement systems.

The main services are:

Electrical survey of MV and LV installations, power circuits, lighting and control.

Analysis of lines in MT.

Conceptual analysis of electrical project in MV and BT, force, lighting, computing and control.

Calculation of electrical rooms, transformer and backup system.

Calculation of grounding systems.

Calculation of Calculation Reports and delivery of technical specifications.

Plans, documents, for the relevant revisions clarifications and answers to the consultations

Energy quality analyzer

Instrumentation and measurements

provide safe, accurate and critical information

Los instrumentos usados en Circulo Ingenieria para medición y seguridad brindan información segura, precisa y crítica sobre el sistema de energía eléctrica y sus equipos asociados. Los productos están construidos según los estándares internaconales y  diseñados para mejorar la confiabilidad del sistema; agilizar la restauración de energía; y facilitar los procedimientos de mantenimiento de forma segura en el campo. Los instrumentos en Circulo Ingenieria  brindan la confianza que necesita para garantizar que la electricidad fluya a sus clientes de manera segura y eficiente.

Characteristics of the analyzer power quality.

400 Hz measurement

By increasing the frequency to 400 Hz, transformers and motors can be smaller and lighter than those of 50 or 60 Hz, which is an advantage for aircraft, submarines, spacecraft, as well as other military equipment. and hand tools. The 437 II model captures energy quality measurements in this type of military and aeronautical systems.

Efficiency of power inverters

It allows simultaneously measuring the AC output power and the DC input power for electronic power systems using the optional DC clamp.

PowerWave data capture

Rapidly captures RMS data, shows half cycles and waveforms to characterize the dynamics of electrical systems (generator startups, UPS switching, etc.).

Energy Loss Calculator

The classical measurements of active and reactive power, imbalances and harmonics are quantified to reveal the fiscal cost of energy losses.


Real-time problem solving

Analyze the trends using cursors and the zoom function.


The highest safety classification in the industry:

Classification of CAT IV at 600 V and CAT III at 1000 V for use at the service entrance.


It allows to measure the three phases and the neutral

With four flexible current test tips included and an improved slim design to adapt to the narrowest places.

Automatic trend

All measurements are always recorded automatically, with no need for any configuration.

System monitor

Ten parameters of power quality in a single screen, in accordance with the electric power quality standard EN50160.

Recorder function

Configured for any test condition with memory of up to 600 parameters at user-defined intervals.

Graph visualization and report generation

With the analysis software included.

Battery life

Seven hours of operating time per charge in a lithium ion battery pack.

Certifier of electrical installations

MI 2086 carries out the complete verification of the electrical installations, also allowing other additional functions such as the TRMS current measurement.

the ground resistance with 4 points / one clamp / two clamps and the specific ground with 4 points.

The lighting measurement and the fuse and fault locator function.

The handling of the instrument is easy and simple. Each test has its own help screen, which describes how to connect the instrument to the installation and perform the measurements. All the results can be saved in the instrument memory, from where they can be downloaded to a computer with the help of the software for the evaluation and generation of reports once the tests are finished. The MI 2086 carries out the continuity, insulation, differential, loop, line, voltage, frequency, earth resistance and phase tests required by current regulations.

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